An Interview - Not 'Just a Fad,' Cloud Provides the Foundation for Future Technologies

September 12, 2020 | Posted by Damien Eversmann in publications with tags: cloud culture evolution it-modernization

I was interviewed for an article on Federal News Network. The original can be found here: Not ‘just a fad,’ cloud provides the foundation for future technologies. A few quotes follow, check out the link for the entire article:

Every year or so, there’s a big pushback that labels the cloud as “just a fad.” … Within the historical context of IT advances, it becomes clear that this is a mistake; cloud is here to stay, and the next generation of technologies is already being built on its foundations.

But some people like to point to the pendulum effect around where compute resides to justify waiting until the cloud “fad” passes. Compute moves from the core, to the edge, back to the core again. From mainframes to workstations to data centers to web browsers.

“You know in movies, the ninja that jumps up the alley by jumping back and forth between the buildings? Your pendulum is swinging back and forth but at the same time you keep popping higher and higher,” Eversmann said. “And that’s what’s happening here: as we go back and forth between this data at the core, data at the edge, we’re also leapfrogging the technology of the last time.”

That’s why you can’t just skip the cloud and see what comes next. Cloud isn’t the technology; it’s the platform.