Monthly Newsletter - October 2020

October 01, 2020 | Posted by Damien Eversmann in newsletters with tags: None

Here’s an incomplete list of events on the Red Hat calendar. Follow the links for more info. Note that all events are virtual till further notice.

Also, don’t forget: the first 3 Wednesdays of every month at Noon CT, I host the MOSH>pit, a virtual gathering of geeks and geek wannabees who get together to discuss the topics of the day. These topics include, but are not limited to, Quarantine Snacks, Social Justice in IT, OpenSource Practice, Perpetual 3-day Weekends and more! It’s a loosely led virtual group discussion about stuff and things. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events

Date Event
10/1/2020 Virtual: Preconfigured Containers for Remote Developer Productivity Webinar
10/1/2020 Virtual: Ansible for Windows Automation Workshop
10/5/2020 Virtual: Oregon Digital Government Summit 2020
10/6/2020 Virtual: Colorado Digital Government Summit 2020
10/6/2020 Virtual: OpenShift Virtual Workshop
10/7/2020 Virtual: Coffee Hours Series (George Takei featured celebrity)
10/8/2020 Virtual: RHEL 8 Workshop
10/8/2020 Virtual: Indiana Digital Government Summit 2020
10/13/2020 Virtual: AnsibleFest 2020
10/14/2020 Virtual: Ansible for Windows Automation Workshop
10/15/2020 Virtual: Maryland Digital Government Summit 2020
10/15/2020 Virtual: Ansible Automation Technical Workshop
10/20/2020 Virtual: Automation for Government (Ansible 101) Workshop
10/20/2020 Virtual: Coffee Hour Series (Peiter ‘Mudge’ Zatko STRIPE/CYBER-ITL featured speaker)
10/21/2020 Virtual: Arizona Digital Government Summit 2020
10/21/2020 Virtual: Ansible Security Automation Workshop
10/26/2020 Virtual: New York Virtual Digital Government Summit
10/27/2020 Virtual: 5 Ways Ansible automation can help education right now
10/27/2020 Virtual: OpenShift Virtual Workshop
10/27/2020 Virtual: Educause Annual Conference
10/28/2020 Virtual: Data Science at the Edge: A Turnkey Solution for the Public Sector
10/29/2020 Virtual: Ansible for Windows Automation Workshop