An Interview - Open-Source Automation - A Gov Dream Team

January 23, 2020 | Posted by Damien Eversmann in publications with tags: open-source automation public-sector

I was interviewed for an piece by GovLoop. The original can be found here: How State & Local Gov Tech Will Look in 2020 & Beyond on page 17. A few quotes follow, check out the link for the entire article:

Nationwide, scores of agencies are discovering three main reasons that innovating with automation is harder than expected. First, these agencies are struggling to communicate about automation agencywide. Second, they’re wrestling with how automation fits with their security requirements. Third, they’re anxious about how automation will impact their workforce.

According to Eversmann, open-source software’s communal development erases the barriers between an agency’s various teams. Furthermore, creating open- source tools also attracts private-sector companies and other external participants. “Anyone can contribute,” Eversmann said. “If you contribute to software, you can help steer what some of the next features are. And, if you have concerns about security or stability, you can view the source code itself.”

“Lots of people have workloads that are too big and not enough time to do them,” Eversmann said. “Automation can take some of those things off their plate. It gives all those workers time to do more with less and focus on more interesting tasks.”

Takeaway: Open-source software can help agencies adopt collaborative, innovative and secure automation whenever they’re ready.