An Interview - Automation can be a workforce's best friend

October 07, 2021 | Posted by Damien Eversmann in publications with tags: culture it-modernization automation

I was interviewed for an article on Federal News Network. The original can be found here: Automation can be a workforce’s best friend. A few quotes follow, check out the link for the entire article:

“Automation isn’t here to replace people’s jobs. In fact, it’s here to make their jobs more interesting and exciting. We still need people who understand the technology to write the automation processes, we still need people who understand the technology to streamline those automation processes…”

“… The idea is take all of this stuff that humans aren’t built to do away from them. You figure out the right way to do the task, and then you tell a computer how to do it, and then you move on to the next task,” Eversmann said.

“I think when people started realizing that they couldn’t have their employees sitting in the data center at a moment’s notice to do something, they realized they needed to define those processes and make them repeatable. People started to realize, ‘Okay we need to get this in place.’ And those that were already automating, it was a much easier move for them,” Eversmann said.

Organizations that get buy-in from their workforce on automation tools now will be better suited in the long run — and that buy-in doesn’t necessarily happen top down from the leadership level.