An eBook - The Modern Campus: Security, Automation, Hybrid Cloud

April 08, 2021 | Posted by Damien Eversmann in publications with tags: cloud security it-modernization automation digital-transformation public-sector education

I worked on an eBook with Carahsoft. The download can be found here: The Modern Campus: Security, Automation, Hybrid Cloud. I was quoted in a few places and wrote the conclusion. A few quotes follow, check out the link for the entire eBook:

For institutions in a hybrid, or remote learning environment, effective resource and staffing management is paramount. Damien Eversmann, Delivery Strategist for Education with Red Hat explains that “automation isn’t about laying people off and saving money that way. It’s about enabling the workforce.”

… that is one of the most interesting things, because Red Hat’s offerings and solutions are intrinsically “EdTech” solutions.

The infrastructure that hosts your EdTech workloads and the network that connects them and platforms that run them are provided by, supported on, automated with, and delivered via Red Hat solutions. Education and open source are kindred spirits and we wouldn’t have it any other way.